Burglary Prevention Tips

Burglary is a crime of opportunity. Burglars will often walk around a house several times looking for the easiest way in. These tips are suggested to make your home a less attractive target:

  1. Create the appearance that you are home by using timers on lights, radios and televisions.
  2. Keep the perimeter of your home well lit. Motion sensor lighting or thermal sensor lighting should be used illuminating all possible points of entry.
  3. Keep doors and windows locked. Over thirty per cent of burglaries are through an open door or window. Doors should have dead-bolt locks with at least a one inch throw and a reinforced strike plate with three inch screws. All windows should have locks.
  4. Keep shrubbery trimmed away from entrances and windows.
  5. Secure sliding glass doors with a metal bar, known as a "charlie bar", in the track. This prevents the door from being forced open or lifted from the track.
  6. Lock the garage door. Do not rely on the garage door opener.
  7. Know your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors that surround your house. Neighbors who communicate regularly are more likely to report suspicious activity to the police. Let a neighbor know if you are going away.
  8. Do not leave clues that you are away. Burglars look for uncollected trash, newspapers, mail and deliveries. Stop your paper and mail delivery. Ask a neighbor to take in any unexpected deliveries or flyers. Do not leave a message on your answering machine that says you are away.
  9. Do not hide keys under mats, above ledges or in planter boxes. Experienced burglars will check these places.
  10. If you see something that may be suspicious call the police. Many times after a burglary a neighbor will say that they saw or heard something and wished they called the police. We are never too busy to check out suspicious activity. Concerned neighbors are our best source for crime prevention.
If you want more information about burglary prevention or would like a security survey of your home please call Det. Sgt. Michael Pattman of the Ho-Ho-Kus Police Department at 201-652-1700.

Safe Surfing: Internet Safety Tips for Kids

1. Be careful when on the internet. People online may not be who they say they are.

2. Never give out your real name, any personal information (like your age or where you live) when you're in a publice chat room, or on an electronic bulletin board, or in your email messages.

3. Make up fun nicknames when you are online.

4. Never call anyone you meet on the interent

5. Never send anyone you don't know a picture of yourself.

6. Never respond to messages or bulletin board items that are rude, mean, or threatening, and make sure you tell an adult if you get a message like.

7. Make sure you never give out any passwords. People who work for the internet will never ask for passwords.

8. Realize that everything you read or see on the interent may not be true.

9. Never let anyone pressure you into doing something you feel uncomfortable doing.

10. Never enter an area on the interent that charges for services without asking permission from a responsible adult first.

11. Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with any other computer user without getting a parent's permission.

12. Discuss the rules for using the internet with your parents. They might put restrictions on the computer to help protect you. 

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Beware of Solicitors Without Permits

Under Borough Ordinance: It shall be unlawful for any pedler, solicitor or canvasser as hereinafter defined to engage in such activity within the Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus without first obtaining a license therefor in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance.

Person:  As used herein shall mean and include an individual, firm, partnership or corporation.

Peddler, Solicitor, or Canvasser: Is any person who, whether by foot or conveyance, goes from person to person, or from house to house or from place to place seeking orders, subscriptions, donations, contributions or any other kind of support; or who without necessarily having the intention of making a direct sale, distributes literature, pamphlets, handbills, samples or the like for the purpose of information, advertising or for other purposes such as the furtherance of public, political, economic, religious or social beliefs, doctrines, system or projects; or who sells or leases or attempts to sell or lease goods, wares or merchandise by sample; or who, whether by the use of sample or otherwise, attmepts to take or takes orders for the sale, purchase or lease of goods, wares, merchandise or services to be sold, purchased, delivered or rendered at a future (date whether or not advance payment for such future sale, purchase, delivery or service is sought or accepted; or who engages in any of the foregoing activities from a stationary location on the street or other public place.

If someone comes to your door and is unable to show you a solicitor's permit issued by the Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus, do not do business with them and contact the police department at 201-652-1700.



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