Early Officer
                               Officer Hobart Serafini
              1945 Flood
                                   July 23, 1945: Flood


                   1948: Chief McElroy handcuffed to suspect.            


   Two Crooks    
November 16, 1952
: Two not so smart hold up men sit sullenly in the offices of Paterson after their capture Friday and Saturday, the pair attempted a Ho-Ho-Kus robbery, shot at Ho-Ho-Kus policeman, held one resident at gunpoint for almost four hours, and stole the car of another. Detectives responsible for their capture are Peter Ventimiglia, Captain James Smith, Andy Sisco, John Philport and John Koehler.

Mrs. Edward Roberts Jr, of 15 Gilbert Rd, Ho-Ho-Kus, looks at an estimated $300 worth of jewelry taken from her home, yesterday. The loot is held by the Ho-Ho-Kus Police Chief John A. McElroy.George Katsavakis, 53, third from the left, of Route 9W, Piermont, N.Y. and John W. Holland, 49, of 203 West 107th Street, New York City, were charged with Grand Larceny and ordered held for Grand Jury action. Special Patrolman George Eisenhauer, right, captured the pair in a 70 mile-an-hour chase on Rt 17.


 1955 Robbery

                   Meet McElroy
August 28, 1955: Ho-Ho-Kus according to Police Chief John McElroy,
has never had a more exciting day than May 10, 1935, When organized
crime and violence paid its first and only visit quiet commuter-residential
community in Northwest Bergen.

It was on that day that five New York City gunmen drove through town
after having held up Newburgh, N.Y. bank for $15,000. One of the
gunsters objected to the share in the loot allotted to him, so his
confederates pumped five bullets into the unwise objector and
dumped the body on Franklin Turnpike. 

McElroy took charge of the murder investigation and it was largely
because of clues unearthed by him the the four were rounded up
a week later in New York City, convicted and jailed. “The 20 years
seem like yesterday. That’s one day I’ll never forget,” McElroy reflected. 
McElroy, 59, joined Ho-Ho-Kus two-man force in 1927 after serving
a year as a special officer. He was promoted from Patrolman and
became chief in 1932. The current seven-man force also includes
Lt. Al Junta, Sgt. Ed Angersall, and Patrolmen George Gronton,
Alois Meckel, Robert Marinelli, and William Menduno. 

McElroy rates traffic on Route 17 and Franklin Turnpike as the community’s
biggest police headache. 
Despite weekend bumper-to-bumper traffic on the towns one-and-a-half-mile
stretch of Route 17 and the fact that the highway annually claims more
lives than any other in the state, Ho-Ho-Kus hasn’t had a traffic fatality
since 1951.
But McElroy notes that the opening of the Garden State Parkway has
increased traffic considerably on the highway and place a new burden
on secondary roads, notably Franklin Turnpike, which motorists use to
avoid highway jam-ups.       
The town has an average of two accidents a week on the highway and
McElroy says that following too closely and speeding, in that order,
cause most. He has two patrol car with which to travel the highway
and 40 miles of secondary roads. 
McElroy, a boy scout executive in Ho-Ho-Kus, came to Ho-Ho-Kus in 1924
from his native Hillburn, N.Y. He was a locomotive fireman before becoming
a cop. McElroy and his wife, the former Daisy Marino, of Hillburn,
live at 125 Elmwood Ave. 

May 22, 1955
: William Menduno drives to his post as a
school traffic guard in a vehicle 32 years old than the
borough's two regular squad cars. The situation came
about when the regular marshal on duty at the Ho-Ho-Kus
school took sick at the same time that the department's
second squad car went to a local garage for repairs.

Police Chief John McElroy in assigning Patrolman Menduno
to fill in for the ailing marshal, asked him to drive to and
from his post four times a day in his own car.

Menduno agreed but the rub is that the bachelor police
officer happens to be a collector of antique cars. He own
three cars in total but all are Model T's. The newest is a
1927 model and the third dates back to 1925. The 1923
job functions best, so that the 35-m.p.h. top speed buggy
was picked for the task.

No one disputes that this is the oldest patrol car in the state.
Menduno, an Army vet of World War II, said the buggy attracts
scores of spectators each trip and classes have been let out
twice so students can get a better look.

The 27 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Menduno, of 51
LeRoy Place, Ridgewood, drives ones of his old cars to work
each morning anyway, he said. "I'm glad the kids get a bang
out of it." The old car will remain in service at least one more



                        Fish Article

August 21, 1955
: Cats, which are the most common of police mascots, according to Ho-Ho-Kus Chief John McElroy, are barred from the Ho-Ho-Kus headquarters on Franklin Turnpike. McElroy’s seven man force, keeps, feeds and nurses goldfish.

This has been going on for four years. The fish tank, which houses four big ones, has been maintained that ling on the desk sergeant’s counter. Their presence, McElroy added, charms kids and please the cops but alarms drunks.

The cops started out with four goldfish, presented to them by a fish hatchery operator, and although, many have died and been replace, the number is always kept at twice two.

The fish are named after blonde movie stars. That’s a tradition.

The current crop included, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Mamie Van Doren, and Mae West

The Police Department lined up for inspection Saturday morning at the Municipal Building for Mayor-elect Councilman A.J. Zimmerman and retiring Mayor A.F. Goll. Left to right are Patrolman Edward Angersoll, Patrolman William Menduno, Chief John A, McElroy, Mayor Goll, Mayor-elect Zimmerman, Patrolman Robert Maranelli, Patrolman Alois Meckel and Sergeant Albert Junta.

Line Up

       Accident on Rt 17

   Accident on Rt 17
Re & Meckel

 1962: Robert Re & Al Meckel

       1965 Retirement

1965 Retirment Party For Chief Junta: Left-Right: Willie Menduno,
Bob Marinelli, Al Meckel, Jack Kievit, Jack Pattman. White Shirts:
Sgt. Re, Chief Junta, Capt. Angersoll. In suit: Police Commissioner Johnson.                                                                                                  
Group at table



Left to Right: Sgt Marinelli, Ken Fulton, Bud Minchin, Russ Berke, Capt Re, Jack Kievit

 Note: The radiator on the wall behind Sgt. Marinelli was where   prisoners were handcuffed because there was no cell.

1966 Group Pic
1966 Left to Right: Jack Pattman, Ken Fulton, Sgt. Bob Marinelli, Capt. Bob Re, Al Meckel, Russ Berke, Jack Kievit. 

  1967 Oops
   1967: Oops!!

                     1972 Group Pic
                               1972 Left to Right: Sgt. Jack Pattman, Bud Minchin, Russ Berke, Capt. Re, Chief Ed Angersoll,                                       Sgt. Marinelli, Al Meckel, Willie Menduno, John Salvi, Sgt. Jack Kievit.


                1973 Group Pic
                               1973 Left to Right: Sgt. Jack Pattman, Paul Giardino, John Koch, Ron Giuliano, Bud Minchin, Chief Re
                                 Sgt. Marinelli, Joe Leonard, Ken Fulton, Russ Berke, Willie Menduno, All Meckel, Sgt. Kievit.

                                   1978 Group Pic
                                 1978 Left to Right Top Row: Willie Menduno, Bud Minchin, Ron Giuliano, Russ Berke, Dave Biswurm. 
                            Center: Disp. Jeff Phillips, Paul Giardino, Sgt Bob Marinelli, Chief Bob Re, Lt. Jack Pattman, Sgt. Jack Kievit. 
                                                                  Front: Al Meckel, Bob Orr, John Koch, Tom Macchi.

      Group Pic 1983
1983  Pictured Chief Re, Lt. John Pattman, Sgt. Russell Berke, Sgt. Harold F. Minchin, Patrolmen Paul Giardino, Thomas Macchi,
John Koch, Robert Orr, David Biswurm, Gerald McGeady, Peter Tiernan, George Scherb and Stephen Soha.  

1983: Policeman Foils Robbery
Ho-Ho-Kus - "A fine piece of police work"
That's the way Chief Robert Re described the action of Ptl. Pete Tiernan, who nabbed a pair of suspects in the armed robbery of a River Edge gas station.

Chief Re gave this account of the single-handed achievement by Tiernen

The officer, on patrol in a squad car, picked up a message on the statewide police radio that the Riverside Square Exxon station had been robbed and the the suspects were fleeing west on Route 4.

Tiernan positioned himself at Racetrack Road and Route 17 northbound in case the suspects left Route 4 for 17 - which they did.

He spotted the quarry about 5 p.m. and began a pursuit with his vehicle lights out, after alerting the Saddle River and Upper Saddle River police by radio. At Allendale Avenue, Tiernan forced the suspects car to the highway shoulder and arrested the occupants.

A search of the suspects, two Manhattan residents, produced the proceeds from the robbery. In the back seat of their car, reported stolen was a realistictoy weapon, an Uzi submachine gun, apparently used in the stickup.

The alleged robbers were charged in the Ho-Ho-Kus police station with possession of stolen property and auto theft, then turned over to River Edge police to face other charges.

        Group of Four    
   Left to Right: Lt. Jack Pattman, Chief Robert Re, Sgt. Russell Berke,
    Sgt. Bud Minchin
                  Breaking Ground 1983
   April 9, 1983: Mayor W. Stuart Thompson, breaking ground for the new Police/Ambulance Corps. building.  Police Chief Robert Re, chairman of the building commitee Robert Wahlberg, ambulance corps president, Margaret Colby, council president Robert Egner.

Officers Cited    

Men In Blue
Ho-Ho-Kus Police Department members were promoted and sworn in at the town's reorganization session, Jan 2 including (standing from left) Lt. Harold "Bud" Minchin, Sgt. John Koch and (seated) Captain Russell Berke.

             80s Group Pic
                      1985: Left to Right Back Row: Greg Kallenberg, Tom Macchi, Mike Tuttle, Pete Tiernan, Paul Giardino
                         Center Row: Bud Minchin, Ed Freeman, John Wanamaker, John Koch, Bob Orr, Russ Berke
                                                             Front Row: Robert Re, Jack Pattman

Toddler Saved From Drowning

An 18-month-old Allendale boy was rescued from drowning Saturday night shortly after he was spotted at the bottom of his grandparents' swimming pool.

Mark Hammond, a family friend, jumped into the pool and pulled out Nicholas Altomare, who was blue and barely breathing, said the boy's grandmother, Carmel Altomare. Hammond, a former lifeguard, tried to resuscitate the baby, with little success, she said.

The family called the police at 7:31pm, and Officer Michael Tuttle arrived within one minute, police said. Tuttle resuscitated the baby, who was rushed from the West Saddle River Road house to The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood. The child was treated and released the same night.

The grandmother said the family is unsure how the child got into the pool. A large Family party was just breaking up and everyone was packing.                                                            

Tuttle, Macchi and Nixon
1986: Ptl. Tuttle and Ptl. Macchi working a security detail for Richard Nixon

Mike Fingerprinting
1987: Ptl. Tuttle fingerprints 4 year old Brian Doherty at the
Ho-Ho-Kus Cooperative Nursery School.

Mike with a Constable
1993: Ptl. Tuttle with Police Constable Rob Gulwell     

1997: Ptl Minchin, Ptl. Grego and TYCO Animal Control capture a black bear.

  Traffic Safety Award
  2001: Mayor Rusty Thompson, Ptl. Sean Leonard and Chief
  Kallenberg accept a traffic safety award.

                    Group Pic 2002
                        2002: Left to Right: Ptl. Lisa Porfido, Ptl. Matt Muenzen, Ptl. Troy Seifert, Ptl. Gene Schultz, 
      Ptl. Pete Tiernan, Sgt. Chris Minchin, Sgt. Tony Grego, Lt. Wanamaker, Chief Kallenberg, Det. Sgt. Mike Pattman, 
         Sgt. Ed Freeman, Ptl. Mike Tuttle, Ptl. Jaime Bodart, Ptl. Sean Leonard, Ptl. Tony Balestrieri, Disp. Andy Agugliaro

                                 Group Pic 2005
                  2005 Left to Right: Sgt. Chris Minchin, Ptl. Pete Tiernan, Ptl. M. Mosca, Sgt. Ed Freeman, Ptl. Tony Balestrieri,
                          Ptl. Sean Leonard, Lt Wanamaker, Ptl. Jaime Bodart, Ptl. Mike Tuttle, Ptl. Mike LaCroix, Chief Kallenberg, 
                                                    Det. Sgt. Mike Pattman, Ptl. Gene Schultz, Sgt. Tony Grego

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 In Memory

Photos and articles provided by Sgt. Minchin, Ptl. Tiernan and Ret. Chief Re.



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